THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – Episode 4.08 – We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street – Promos

Ian Somerhalder in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - Episode 4.08 - We'll Always Have Bourbon Street

Promo images and preview clips for THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, episode 4.08, “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”.

When Stefan confronts Damon with a suspicion about Elena, Damon has no choice but to help Stefan investigate. Searching for answers, Damon and Stefan visit modern day New Orleans to see if they can find anyone who remembers the events of their last visit in 1942, including one of Damon’s former flames, Charlotte (guest star Madeline Zima). Elena, Caroline and Bonnie share a girls’ night while the Salvatore brothers are out of town, and emotions run high when Elena delivers some shocking news. At Hayley’s (guest star Phoebe Tonkin) urging, Tyler confronts one of Klaus’ hybrids, Kimberly (guest star Alyssa Diaz), and the situation quickly escalates into violence. Finally, Damon is faced with a heartbreaking decision.

Featuring Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Arielle Kebbel.

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