TRUE BLOOD – Episode 6.01 – Who Are You, Really? – Promos

Anna Paquin, Rutina Wesley and Lucy Griffiths in TRUE BLOOD - Episode 6.01 - Who Are You, Really

Promo images and preview clips for TRUE BLOOD, episode 6.01, “Who Are You, Really?”.

The sixth season opens on Bill’s messy reincarnation, but no one, including Sookie, Eric or Jessica, knows who or what he is, and they’re not anxious to get close enough to find out. Meanwhile, Alcide takes over as pack master and discovers there are certain perks that come with the job; Andy deals with being a new father; the governor of Louisiana declares war on vampires; and Jason hitches a ride with a creepy stranger.

Featuring Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer.

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