TV’s New Wonder Woman Gets New Shiny Red Boots, Less Shiny Pants

Red boots or no red boots, that is the question. Apparently among some of the issues fans had with the Wonder Woman costume that was revealed for the new David E. Kelley TV show was the fact that Wonder Woman had blue boots instead of red ones. Personally I thought that was nitpicking; I mean, they changed her up pretty good, so what’s the color of her boots got to do with it?

But Maybe Kelley and company listened anyway, and as you can see from these set images from the show, Adrianne Palicki (and her stunt double) is no longer sporting blue boots, but is now wearing red. Now if only David E. Kelley can make the show not suck…

Added: And apparently she’s got new pants, too, which I missed, but some of the commenters below didn’t. They’re no longer shiny/pleather-ish.

Via CBM.