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Taylor Lautner, Cam Gigandet, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Rachelle Lefevre in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • Edward loverrrr


    • j.j

      your right Q

  • curious george loves irristable edward!!

    i really dont get this pic
    does it have a meaning?

    oh cant wait oh oh oh mmmmm

  • curious george loves irristable edward!!

    oh and edward is lookin gooooood

  • ella and lani

    um curious george hellO!! not everything has to have a meaning just sit back and soak in the gorgeous man muscle infront of you!!!!

  • anna

    ugh, i still don’t like rob for edward. he looks too old. o well. :(

  • arianna.

    Damnit. I’m so mad. I really wanted Hayden Christensen to play Edward. Am I alone in thinking that?
    He would have been perfect.
    Rob will do… I suppose. He’s just not good-looking enough.
    Oh, and I absolutely hate Kristen -.-
    What in the world were they thinking?

    Okay I’m done [:

    • melissa

      I agree with you…i wanted him to play edward…he would have been perfect…and bella is okay i guess

    • stacy

      Get a clue and get over it!

    • cookie1

      omg i was just thinking tht but Hayden looks too old no matter how much make up they put on him. but i imagined his voice when i was reading the books. and his smile.

  • EdwardAddictTwilightFanatic

    Edward iz…..FUCKIN HOTTTTTTTTT…..bella is ehhh

  • Dalia

    my goooooooosh they all look f****kin’ good i can’t wait til the movie 2 come out i’m so excited, hopefully they don’t let me down!!!!I’m glad with their chose in pickin’ Kirsten Stewart to play Bella she’s B-E-A-U-T-I-F-L,nd a great actress!!!!!!!!!

  • twilight fan3

    Can’t say I’m thrilled with the choice for Edward.. He should be a stunningly gorgeous blonde… Kristen may work. Who plays Jacob?

  • cullenkimmie456

    ok well actually i think everyone was stunned of their choice for edward….sigh….. but bella not so much i actually anticipated their choice because of her role in the messengers i was actually in the theater watching it and i reached over and told my ex’s sister i bet she will be bella….. of course i dont know if i actually believed it but here she is all bellafied now…. back to EDWARD OMG i cant even think about him without getting chills….. sigh…. jacob black is being played by taylor lautner dont know about the choice i mean he is plenty hott enough but im thinking he is to young not for twilight of course but if there was to be another movie i am afraid he will not be mature enough but he is so gorgeous AAAGGGHHH cant wait….. sigh