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Kristen Stewart, Billy Burke, and Taylor Lautner in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • lj

    oooh.jacobs hot

  • melissa

    i think jacob looks funny in this picture…he doesnt look good with long hair…or at all

  • Jo

    Ugh. Charlie has a mustache?!?!?!
    And I thought he was blondish…???

  • Denali

    you guys, learn to like the movie the way it is, they aren’t going to change it, its already done, and coming out in less than a month!!!

    • stacy


  • Sarah

    Wow, you know, I was right on with charlie and Bella, but I was WAY OFF on Jacob and Billy…I knew that they were one the part of a “tribe”, but I didn’t realize that they were actually indian. Anyhoo, I can’t wait until the movie comes out, I’m almost done with all 4 books…just waiting for my cousin to finish #4 so no one tell me. :) Later!!!

  • Ashley

    Ahhhhhh! Twilight is coming out in less than in a month!!!! I have all ready finish reading all of the books!!! Now i have to read Mindnight Sun! Cant wait tell it comes out!!!!! Really!!! Oh by the way Jacob dosen’t look good in long hair, he should keep it short!!!! Really keep it short!!!!!

  • kk

    jacob is much more hotter than i imagined him …… like wAAAAAAAYYYYY hotter . =)