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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • step-on-me

    omfg my sis read all the books to this series and now im going to take her to the movie when it comes out


    I think it will all work out in the end…. i mean with the movies and the ppl playing the most beautiful creatures on earth. I mean im jsut going to think of the movie as totally diff from the book. We all know its not going to be good enough but i think they can get pretty close. or at least i hope they can…for their own well being…..

    • Jo


  • zoe.

    hmmm.. could of chose somone better for bella.
    but love edward (L)

  • cecily

    really think taht there could be some one better 4 bella!!!

    • debra

      I agree, it was a let down to me to see the choice of bella, i really pictured her differently. oh, well

  • livi

    it looks like edwards gonna eat her
    and it looks like bellas constipated
    but i love the character choices anywayy….

  • Joelean

    this was the BEST movie made!! i loved it and now we are going to get the dvd because it was so good…. Robert as edward was a great choice!! he acted so good in the movie that he made me fall in love with edward that i suggested the movie 2 all my friends!! this is going to be a big seller!!

  • alex

    i loved the movie! it was awesome! but…the book is still better

  • ladyknightrider

    I just saw the movie for the 1st time!!! Let’s just say I’m not a teenager, but if I could only turn back the hands of time. It should be against the law for that boy Edward/Robert to look that good!!!! ME–OW !! :) :)

  • http://babygirls cheyenne

    i love you show and ithink you show is ate is ok