Twilight (2008) Movie Image


Twilight (2008) Movie Image

Twilight (2008) Movie Image

Author: Nix

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  • Alex.

    “No Edward! Shes not one of us!” Emmett

  • cecily

    i think its “this is wrong Edward, she’s not one of US!”

    wouldent it be funny if edward said “is it so wrong to love someone not in our ladies knitting club? i think that if she tried she could at least make a scarf!)

  • Hanner

    I thought he said “She’s not worth it!”

    • Ashley

      idk but you got to love emmett just look at him ahh!

  • Ashley

    its this in the movie

    ” SHE IS NOT ONE OF US” exact quote from movie

  • Kinsey

    It is ” this is wrong Edward. She’s not one of us!” I think Emmmett is funny! But I like Edward better.

  • Helen

    Dont listen to him Edward show her how you really feel

  • Jaimie

    This scene wasnt in the movie. It only appeared in the trailers, but when it did appear in the trailers Emmett was saying “Its not right Edward. She’s not one of us!” And i think Jasper was standing behind them in the trees. The scene got deleted from the movie, but there were stills from that scene at the end of the movie during the credits. :)

  • EdwardCullenfreak

    Ilove Emmett hes totaly awesome.He has a great personality,hes never serious,hes easygoing,and he would make an awesome big brother dont cha think.Hes a huge teddy bear.If i couldnt have Edward I would probably pick Emmett or jasper.I love boys who sparkle!!!except carlisle,hes way too old for me.And who really cares how its phrased anyway.It goes something along the lines of shes not one of us or something like that.Lets just pick one and get over it.