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Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Robert Pattinson in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • Shannon

    Alice and Jasper are soooo effing cute!
    Did anyone else notice how depressed Edward looks in black?

  • lj

    is this pic supposed to liike make him look excluded?it did.
    whats with emmet?his hair should be like shaggy not a buz.they did alice well though

  • Samantha

    These are the group of what I called Perfect human specimen.Edward does look a bit left out and quite confused.

    • http://100-18x24306,100-22x28338No Becca

      I pictured alice to be blonde but i do agree they look like they were explained in the book, they all are so beautiful

  • ruby

    FYI Alice has black hair geez ur obviously not a true twilight fan
    and OMG how adorable does little jasper look. i love him so much. And Edward looks so cute when his left out and in his little black outfit

  • queenbee

    why does it look like jasper and rosalie are eating? pfttt.

  • JeanFlow

    Now, now everyone. I know I pictured all of the characters to look different then that actors too but everyone has a different imagination! The movie will be good if you have an open mind. There is NO WAY it will be just like the book!

  • DJ

    That’s sad.
    Cause it should be just like the book … Otherwise, it doesn’t do the writer justice. But then again, look how big the Harry Potter movies got with Daniel Radcliffes BLUE eyes. Not Harrys GREEN.
    And Edward is too busy reading minds to look non-confused! Lol great acting! Haha

  • Abby

    i feel like im gonna cry wen i luk at edwards face.:-((((

  • Love twilight

    Why does this place look sunny?!

  • Aninha

    Jasper is so cute, a love him. Means i love the couple Jasper and Alice, they’re so beatiful together.