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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • Speaks for Everyone

    Gahhh! Don’t you just want to smash their heads together? Not in a bad way though, they are amazingly beautiful together, MARRY EACH OTHER ALREADY!!!!

    • Samantha

      Totally I agreed completely.

  • belle

    omg this pic is so intense!! it looks HOTT XD

  • Rosenta

    Edward and Bella are soooo cute together. I love the Twilight series with a passion. :)

    • Helen

      Im with you all the way there The Twilight Series is my life

  • Samantha

    Love to be her or if I was a lesbian; I would love to be him.She can make me swoon but not as much as Rob can.Damn they are one HOT couple.Can Catherine Hardwicke picked any better two people or what?

    • stacy

      I absolutely agree

      • ProdigyV

        me too, kristen was a great pic for bella, so nobody else put her down!

  • Jo

    I’m guessin’ this is the scene in the bedroom. In which case…Do they even kiss at that part??? I forget…

    • dkjdjjkd

      they dont do their first kiss in the bedroom in the book but they do in the movie!!! stupid director cut out and messed it all up!!!

  • Helen

    I think they do, but its so romantic. i totally wish i was bella right now

  • http://JAZZY_ROSE_XX jazzy

    ummm excuse me bella but do mind kissing my boyfriend lol (jokes) im in love with twilight its my hole life if stephiney didnt make it i would have just died

  • Tatyjhana

    I just love the twilight series, I,m so clad I can enjoy everything about the books and the movies going to come hope they make a the movies all the may up to breaking dawn. LOL sooo.. exicted.


    oh my gosh! i wish me and bella can switch places with eachother!

  • dey