Twilight (2008) Movie Image


Twilight (2008) Movie Image

Twilight (2008) Movie Image

Author: Nix

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  • maggie

    I love the book(s), and now I will love the movie.

    WOW!!!!!, mags.

  • pareesa

    Holy hell this has to be the most entense movie ever made!!

    Its gonna be hot

    • stacy

      I absolutely agree

  • Heatherr

    i think they did a horrible job casting…

    besides emmett and jacob.. only two i like.

    i HATE kristen stewart

    • stacy

      so you could have done better??? Please

  • hope

    evryone on the left is looking to the right and everyone on the right is looking strait at the camera…. it’s odd.


  • Stephanii

    asdfghjkl;;; i can’t waitt!!!!!

  • http://JAZZY_ROSE_XX jazzy

    omg!!! i love the movie and if you were really fans you should to its the best movie eva made and whoever dosent why are they on the website go away only rea fans are allowed

  • Kacey Dunbar

    twilight is so awesome! if you are not a real fan, i suggest you stay off this website!

  • bordione

    I love twilight