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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • stacy

    I am sooo jealous!!

  • Amanda

    Umm curly hair? ;| what the hell

    • http://Hope Haly

      This is a hot picture and all u noticed was her curly hair?!!! Are you insane?!!! LOL jk

    • lisa

      since when did she have curly hair and why is she wearing that horrible cardigan!!! she looks like an old lady, no a really really really old lady with awesome skin, and Edward needs a shave!!! badly

  • cecily

    looks like supper time for Eddie!and Bella is all dressed up for the occasion!

  • cam

    is this the prom scence?

    • Ashley

      yes it is the prom scene

  • Ashley

    omg love it and yeah curly cuz she had to get it done for prom haha even tho she didnt no she was going at the time

  • Sydney

    what the hell is he DOING!!!!

  • Catie X

    HAH! Rape.
    he looks like he’s about 2 eat her XD

  • http://ga twilight fan


  • Miranda

    OMG since when did Bella have curly hair?
    Edward is soo HOT!

  • Kristen Stewart

    Edward Cullen is so cute…i so want to meet him@