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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • Jasmyne Christopher

    personally i think edward cullen is totally hot and i wish i was bella.

  • Michelle Toon

    Edward Cullen is so damn hot and loving. Such an ideal partner…oh well!!!We can dream!!

  • Annie

    Personally, I don’t find the ACTOR hot, but the character he portrays is such a dreamboat that I can’t help but feel a pull to his character.

    • http://L_corzz3443 Lynziiieee=]

      personally, i couldn’t agree more . i believe that who plays Edward Cullen is not the cutest guy, or spread all over the magazines just for the fact he plaays that part.

  • Ryannessie

    Hey im Ry-Ann-Essie
    my name is kindaa weird
    but goshers i lubb Edward Cullen
    He is 1 of a Kind!
    Bella should pick him because i will =]

  • baby girl

    edward is sooooo freaking HOT gurls dont get 2 close to him before u get burn
    lol i wish i was bella 2 kiss edward
    maybe edward is blushing rite now on seeing all these comments