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Rachelle Lefevre in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • Andra

    dude, the hair should have been red !!!

  • Gen

    Yeah, I agree it’s a bit too blonde coloured. But they got the wild part right..sorta.

  • karen

    i loe victorie she is so pretty i love her jacket or hr swester [odk wah it is] and he hair she is so pretty….a vampire..and i like this picture.

  • karen

    is this picture from the movie.

  • karen

    i love her lips…………

  • Love twilight

    She’s pretty,but her hair shold be much much more RED:)

  • emma

    omg her hair is supposed to be red and she lookes way to nice!!! shes meant to be evil! BLODDY HELL CAN’T THEY GET IT RIGHT

  • Aninha

    Her hair is fabulous really. DEVIL GIRL, hahaha… I’m kidding :)