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Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • Remi

    Niceee :P

    But anyone notice, he’s wearing a wedding ring.

    Doesn’t make much sense.

    Anyways, CAN’T WAIT!! but have to wait till December, Stupid UK lol

    x x

  • Jo

    Is this him saving Rosalie???

    I don’t think it’s really a wedding ring. It looks like there’s something reddish on the top…

    • haile

      That’s Esme He is saving…I think he is really hott. Anyone else?

    • kat

      family crest

  • cecily

    “mmmmm… tasty! do I detect a bit of type A in there?”-Carlisle

    “I’m a type B actually!”-tasty type B

    “uh! you are so not my type!”-Carlisle

    drp the wedding ring thing guys! its pointless!

  • reen

    its carlisle saving esme

  • Jo

    Ohhh. Weird. She looks blonde…

  • kk

    is that rosalie ?

    • Haile

      NO!! THATS ESME!! -.- as much as I dislike her…. -.-

  • Jo

    Woah, there’s a pair of jeans in the backround.
    That’s really, really weird.

    And apparently it’s Esme…but that sure doesn’t look like a morgue…

    • haile

      Thats because it says in his past that when he saved Esme he carried her back to his house…Duh…Any Carlisle fan would know that (im his # 1 fan though lol)

  • mal

    he could just be kissing her!?
    guys c’mon;

    • haile

      No way he’s kissing her. He’s changing her. He didnt fall in love with her until after she was changed.

  • Rosalie

    that is not a wedding ring… that is the cullen crest… he wears it in ring form….. edward, emmett, and jasper have wrist cuffs, rosalie and alice wear necklaces… and I don’t know about esme… and if your wondering how I know this… it is because I look on the internet…. and search on search engines….

  • tyrell

    cant wait 4 the movie 4 days left!!!!!!!!!!!