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Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • Haile

    Carlisle is really cute….Esme dont deserve him -.-

  • twilight fanatic

    Carlisle is BEAUTIFUL! And yes Esme DOES deserve him! I love the part in the movie when carlisle walks through the hospital doors to check on Bella after the Car Accident! HE’S HOT!

  • Ariel

    she SOOOOOOO shouldnt have played her part its just not right to me and nope she doesnt deserve him and his natural paleness was great for the movie

  • jessi

    um yea esme totally deserves him! but he is sooo hot!!11

  • EdwardCullenfreak

    I love carlisle and Esme.They picked great actors to choose them.My friends in love with carlisle.We bought her a tshirt with his face on it.And we came to her house later and she built a little shrine of him.It was really occward if you know what i meen.I never went to her house since.

  • jazlover

    i love the movie but jeez some of you are a little obsessed