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Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Robert Pattinson, and Kellan Lutz in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • Amanda

    uuuuhhhhhhhh, a couple things I HATE JASPERS HAIR!!!!!
    emmet’s suppossed to have curly hair,
    and i love who you picked for Rosalie!

  • cassandra

    edward is not hot like i thought he would be…. the book made the whole family seem perfect but the movie ruined that

    • twilightlover10


  • Twilightt-Lovee

    The thing about this picture is robert pattinson(however you spell it) doesn’t actually look like that, at all. I don’t like it :S

  • Andra

    jasper is not exactly the way i pictured him, and if you ask me, rosalie character should have been waaaay more prettier from the way she is described in the book.
    but alice,edward and emmet are just like i pictured them ^.^

  • Chargmatl

    OMG what the hell did they do with Jasper???? He looks so weird! And Roasalie should be WAAAAAAY prettier! Not that the actress isn’t pretty but she does not look like Rosalie should look. And the jacket that Edward wears is REALLY daggy! Jasper looks like a girl with weird hair but Emmett is good but he should have curly hair! Laurent, James and Victoria look so freaky! And not in a good way! Has anyone noticed that Victoria has brown hair not red and that she is wearing a fur coat! What happened to backpackers clothes? And I NEED to see what Jacob looks like! lol

    • Twilight Fans

      So true! And Alice is meant to have black hair! And stylish clothes. And the picture when they are running it looks like they are jogging! They look toooooooo normal

  • twilightlover10

    dudes. I totally agree. But have you noticed that they skipped so many good parts just to save money. And they (meaning Edward and Bella) cannot pash, yet they put that in the movie totally weird and incorrect.

  • Edwuardlovers

    We love Edward, he’s so freaking HOT! I’d like so bad to… – make up the sentence on your own lol! Greetings from Bilbao!

  • Elantra

    I don’t care what other people say edward is hot. I absolutely love every character and the choice for jacob was right on. I FREAKIN LOVE THIS MOVIE KEEP IT UP EVERYBODY YOUR DOING GREAT.