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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • sydney

    what is up with the 80′s glasses? AND IS HE IN THE SUN!?!

    • ashley

      they’re ray-bans.. they pretty much all look like that.

  • Me

    no hes not the clouds are sheilding him

  • Jon

    Did you really ask “what’s up with the 80′s glasses?”
    Come on it’s Edward.
    I mean he’s over a hundred years old.
    Plus he could wear anything for any time period and still have everyone drooling over him.
    But I think they chose the Ray-bans to play with his age!
    Plus they look good.

  • ariel=camerawhore

    lolz at the glasses he looks like fonzie xD lol at ariel going on a rant about the glasses xD

  • Ariel

    ok first of all I LOVE THOSE GLASSES!!!!
    hello although way better in blue mabye and second clouds cover him he isnt stupid enough to walk out in the sun hello brains
    and i loved this part in the movie he was so natural right here and his smile! XGASPX :0 hahaha lol