Peter Facinelli and Edi Gathegi in Twilight (2008) Movie Image


Peter Facinelli and Edi Gathegi in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

Peter Facinelli and Edi Gathegi in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

Author: Nix

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  • lisa

    what the hell is this? since when did Laurent have brown skin!!!! and Carlisle looks like an average man in his twentys i mean for gods sake!!!! and the Cullens are meant to have desingner clothes not scruffy jackets like that!!!!!!

    • Chel-C

      wow…thats not a scruffy jacket. It’s called wool. Carlisle doesn’t look in his 20s more like 30s.

  • Fran

    the whole family is hot
    including the mom and dad
    i love the movie
    but the books are better.

  • April

    I think Laurant looks good as black and he is hot, plus they needed some diversity in the movie and his accent is amazing

  • Abby

    in the book he’s olive toned and most beautiful and carlisle is hot u dont see a guy like that walkin down the street everyday. but i agree bout the clothes. y didnt they use contactssssss

  • Laurent

    Wat tha HELL. So wat if Laurent is brown. It’s good that therez a change in their(Vampires) skin colour. Whoeva bags Laurent next for being brown is a racist bastard.

  • EdwardCullenfreak

    raaaare attitude much.Theyre not racist bastards.Theyre just trying to make a point.They have a book stick to it.If hes olive toned and chalky than his character playing him should be.And James suppost to have brunette short cropped hair like laurents hair should be.And Victoria shes suppost to hae red hair not orange,theres a big difference.Can u see it.Oh,and yah im not a racist bastard anyway.

  • joadiz

    I love Charlise he’s so amazing he’s a docter he dosen’t kill humans he has a amazing family and he’s a awesome vampire and he’s amazingly beautiful.