Cam Gigandet in Twilight (2008) Movie Image


Cam Gigandet in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

Cam Gigandet in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

Author: Nix

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  • Darwin

    I am ont liking the long hair looks yucky

    love his abs thouhg

  • Amanda

    i love who they picked for James

  • Rebecca

    I love the long hair … love it …so … much can’t wait for the movie…..

  • Zoe

    Not who i thought would play him ;)

  • http://Nichole Nichole

    I love the twilight books and I am super pumped about the movie. All at the same time I am totally nervous to find out if i will like it or not. I don’t want the movie to be totally stupid. Either way I’ll still love te books. I hope they do a movie for each of them and don';t leave one word out.
    BTW the actor is super sexy in this. unlike the other comments I LOVE the long hair. Sexy much? =]

  • Tina

    Some of the actor and actress are hot or pretty, and some of the actors and actresses are gross looking or ugly!!! The actor who plays James is HOT!!!

  • stacy

    This guy is HOT!!! What is with all the whiners anyway???!!!

  • Jessica

    his name is cam gigandet

  • Helen

    Omg the character for james is so adorable but not as adorable as edward, i fell in love with edward in the very begining!

  • Ashley

    you hate james, but you canat help buut love him omg!