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Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Robert Pattinson in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • cam

    edward’s all alone. This pics great! LOVE IT!

  • em

    why is there even food on the table?

  • Andra

    because in the book it said that there WAS food on the table, but they weren’t touching it ^_^

  • Kayleigh xD

    exactly :]
    you need to pay attention to the book em!
    love the picture, no wunda Bella picked edward..
    if i saw those guys sitting on a dinner table id
    pick him out too =]
    cant wait for the film xD

  • Haile

    On Stephnie Meyer’s website you can see a story where Kellen Lutz (Emmet) kept eating the food in the scene so they had to cut around it. In the books there was food to create the illusion that they had to eat. Edward probably does feel alone at this point. Good thing he gets Bella. Anyone here dislike Bella like I do?

    • Kayleigh xD

      hmmm… bella can be a bit stubborn
      at times but shes alright i suppose.
      but when reading the book i kind of
      imagine myself as bella, put myself in her
      shoes if you know what i mean =]

      why do you dislike bella??

      • http://L_corzz3443 Lynziiieee=]

        i couldnt a greeee with u morreee kayleigh…. i did that alll the time tooo bad its not true

      • Kayleigh xD

        i know…its just too bad =(
        aw well ive got my own edward-a-like so
        he’ll do haha


  • http://cass cassie

    edward is freakin hott. =D
    notice he isn’t looking at the camera…id bet he’s staring at Bella. ;) lovee it.

  • Mrs Edward Cullen

    i only dilike bella cuz she gets to tap that!!

    I love alice shes crack up as!!Mna i wish i could c the fututer. that would help loads with N.C.E.A!!!

  • Natalya

    Não foi assim que imaginei enqto lia a história.

  • http://L_corzz3443 Lynziiieee=]

    i thinnnnnkkkk this was the biggest scenneee in the mooovviiee ..,. just for the fact they where all staring at bellla ( not in this picture but in other scenes offf the movvvieeee. but i

  • http://L_corzz3443 Lynziiieee=]

    i thinkkkkkk thiiiss was the bigggest scene in the moviiiiiereeeeeee. they whereereeee allll loookinggg at herrrr. (not in this pic. , but in the movvvieeee)but othere than thattttttt it was soooo hotttttt buuuttt alll the CHARACTERSSSSS WHEREREEEE SO HOOOOOO0TTTTT….. I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR THEMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]=]=]=]=]=]