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Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, and Jackson Rathbone in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

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    they really made a mistake casting nikki reed. she does not even come close to the beautiful, drop dead gorgeous vampire that SM described in the book. and she looks old! really makes me wonder did she get the part because she’s friends with the director or something.

  • sdfdhstinky

    UMMMM what the hell is in his hand? is that eggs??

  • Roarz

    I was thinking that too, I was like what the fuck EGGS? and furthermore I think Alice has a red bull, and why does jasper have an orange? It’s not like they eat or drink..

  • Lusta

    they have food int heir hands so they pass as “NORMAL”
    read the damn book.
    although…that doesnt explain why emmett has eggs…

  • twilight fanatic

    Oh my goodness! Don’t be so dang picky! They did a great job casting the parts! You’re probably just jealous that your not as pretty as Nikki Reed! CHILL!

    By the way don’t swear! It’s totally not needed!

    But why is Emmet holding eggs? It’s Strange.

    The couples look so CUTE together! They ALL did an excellent job in the movie!

  • http://december14,2008at5;45pm usagi

    I really think all of them suits each character……….I’m just a little sad…my imagination said Jasper is cuter but I’m cool with it.

  • karen

    i really love edward cullen in twilight but how he is right now he looks different[not 2 b mean]……..but he looks totally hot in the vampire bcuzz his eyes i really nice n he is the hottest vampire ever…….

  • Elias

    ARIEL I KNOW YOU lol your sitting right next to me going crazy xD p.s. your a camera whore xD

  • twilightlover

    twilight is sooo amazzzzzing. i love the books, and the movie is almost just as good!!!

    but why is emmett holding hard boiled eggs??? why didnt they give him like a bag of chips or something?

    either way emmett, jasper, and especially edward are soooo fine…
    I love edward <3 :DDD

  • hazel

    i think that Nikki Reed is perfect for the role of stop making a bif fuss over it people!!!ur just jealous cause u can’t be lyk her…