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Taylor Lautner in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • cecily

    ha_ha! he looks like girl with a sqished nose that is flirting with a cat! i hate the charecter of jacob!

    • bobbbbbayy

      ew i hate u! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee jacob

  • kk

    so cute …. i just wanna brush his long … black but he looks much older than 15

  • Me

    eww..i like this particular dude better with short hair

  • Georgchar

    that is sooooo not Jacob its just not right

  • Catie X

    AHHHH his teeth are perfect! *cries*

  • Ana

    Thats Sooo not Jacob! Theres a HUGE Differnce

  • Em

    OMG *is blinded by his teeth* This is SOOOOOO not Jacob! I agree with Georgechar! And what is up with your name??

  • bebe

    i loveeeeeeeeeeee jacob