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Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene, and Jackson Rathbone in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • Soccer girl

    they are so freakishly white. but still hot!

  • Last

    They’re SUPPOSED to look white. If you ever read the book they are vampires.

    • peacock

      If you seen the movie they are white…

    • peacock

      Dear who ever
      ok they are not white but they are cute.
      P.S. My favorite acter is Alice.

  • jennifer

    hahaha that is so funny. everyone is so alert but alice/ashley is like huh? but i like how she looks anyways. shes cool

  • Rachel B.

    acually… she is glaring if ya look close… so … ya… :/

  • Polly (Twilight Rocks!)

    OMG! look at their eyes! they are sooooo cool!!!!!

  • Jo

    Ohhh, what??? They’re actually in Baseball-ish clothes???
    Awww…that ruins it…

  • http://100-18x24306,100-22x28338No Becca

    I dont like how jasper looks i pictures him like way beautiful but hes not :( but still hes not like ugly

  • queenbee

    Jasper and Alice should probably stick to not wearing hats. They look awkward XD

  • Hanner

    Everyone goes on about how unnaturally pale they are: I’m the same shade, and am not an albino. Paleness happens. :P

    I love that the Cullens wears uniforms… it makes them sort of dorky… that’s cute!

  • lisa

    omg omg omg what the hell did they do to edwards hair? is he meant to have like a mowhark thingy!!!!!
    and jasper lookes like such a freak and they arnt even white for gods sake, i wonder if the director has even read the book!!!!

    • peacock

      That hair cut is so ooooooooooooo. That is what I think.

    • http://efffyouuuu rhonda

      the director did read the book and the author of the book was pleased how it turned out. and if they’re not white what the hell oclor are they!?