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Robert Pattinson in Twilight (2008) Movie Image

  • kate

    edward is so perfect in the books that its impossible to find someone who would truly perfectly fit the role, thats why its called fiction – because its not real. so i reckon that robert pattinson was a great pick, he did the role amazingly, imagine what he was trying to live up to..
    Go Robert! cant wait to see him in the next movie..
    and he is damn fine!

    • kya

      yeah, your right… but i wish he were real.. and that i lived in Forks.. and that i was a danger magnet… and that… wait.. i got nothin’…. but in my opinion, Jacob is soooooo STUPID!!!! even in the book…. but if you go to the website , you can see what happens after Breaking Dawn… it was really goooooood… for me, it is reaaallllyyyyy hard to feel sorrry for jacob and the rest of the pack, but in one bella’s diaries, it’s sorta hard NOT to feel bad for them….. UGH! i am sooo ASHAMED of myself!!! \m/-.-\m/ …… sorry, <– that was random.. but AANNYYWWAAYYY…. i still can’t belive that Vanessa Hugens or w/e he hackin’ name is, is going to play Leah!!! that is soooo GAY! and then, DAKOTA FANNING is gonna play JANE!!!!! can you BELIVE that?!?!?! does stephanie meyer even get a say in who plays who????? if she does, man! she obviously doesn’t know who the good actors and actresses are….. sorry this message is soooo long… i am sorta talkative.. catch ya pplz l8er!!

  • http://shygurl Shygurl

    omg i love edward cullen! im in love witt u edward cullen! no matter how long time gets i dont think i could ever love aney person like i love u edward!

    • kya

      OMG! ME NIETHER!!!!

  • twilighter

    if you go on toutube and typein “new mon trailer”you can watch the hootest thing on the web (besides twilight its self)

  • twilighter

    if you go on youtube and typein “new mon trailer”you can watch the hootest thing on the web (besides twilight its self)