Twilight Breaking Dawn Adds a Slew of Vampire Hotties

On the heels of Maggie Grace joining the fun as a vampire baddie, THR reports that four more vampires have been added to the cast of Bill Condon’s two-parter “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”.

MyAnna Buring (left, most known to genre fans from “The Descent” and “Lesbian Vampire Killers”), Mia Maestro (“Poseidon”), and Casey LaBow will play female members of the Denali vampire clan, while Christian Camargo will play the patriarch.

Buring and LaBow will join the recently cast Maggie Grace as a trio of Russian vampire sisters of the Denali coven. Buring is playing Tanya, a rival to Kristen Stewart’s Bella for the attention of Edward (Rob Pattinson), while LaBow will play Kate, who has the ability to produce an electric current that can shock opponents. (Grace is playing villainous Irina.)

Maestro portrays Carmen and Camargo is Eleazar, the two Spanish heads of the coven, which in the “Twilight” universe is the only other non-human-feeding vampire clan besides the the Cullen clan.

Got all that? Good.

One can only hope, right, boys?