Twilight Breaking Dawn Gets Split, Another Movie for Lautner

Two bit of news from the world of “Twilight” today, both hailing from Nikki Finke’s The first has the site declaring that Summit Entertainment has decided, as previously speculated, to split “Breaking Dawn” into two films in order to accommodate the original novel’s length. Based on “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer’s last novel in the series, “Breaking Dawn” clocks in at a muscular 756 pages. It was never going to work as a single movie, and considering that it’s the last “Twilight” material that Summit will be able to rake in the cash with, it was probably a no-brainer that they split it.

A director is currently being sought for the two “Breaking Dawn” movies, which is scheduled to start production as early as mid-October. The plan is to shoot the two movies back-to-back to save on cost and, one presumes, preserve continuity between the two movies. Meanwhile, the third film in the franchise, David Slade’s “Eclipse” is due out June 2010.

The other piece of “Twilight” news has series star Taylor Lautner signing on for yet another major motion picture, this one called “Abduction”. It’s another action movie that is being compared to the “Bourne” films. (What isn’t nowadays?) Lautner’s role in “Abduction” is in addition to his “Max Steel” and “Stretch Armstrong” franchise leading man duties, not to mention “Cancun”, his teenage version of “Die Hard”, and the stunt plane actioner “Northern Lights”.

Honestly, for a kid who was almost recast because his abs weren’t ab-tastic enough, Lautner has sure come a long way. I just hope the poor kid doesn’t crash and burn before he turns 20.

Are those fangs in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?