Twilight Producer is Behind the Martyrs Remake? Shoot Me Now.

I know a lot of people tend to feel that Pascal Laugier’s “Marytrs” is one of the most overrated horror pictures in the past ten years, but I happen to think it’s one of the strongest genre efforts in recent memory. The idea of an English-language remake sickens me, especially considering that “Twilight” and “Dear John” producer Wyck Godfrey is “brains” behind the production. Sure, he’s got “Vacancy” scribe Mark L. Smith penning the script, but how can anyone get excited about a remake of an exceptionally gory horror movie when its spearheaded by the same guy who helped “Eragon” limp lifelessly onto the big screen? So much for positive thinking.

I am, of course, jumping the gun a bit, and I shouldn’t hold Godfrey’s previous endeavors against him. However, considering how much I despise pointless remakes of contemporary films for illiterate American audiences, it’s hard not to judge this picture before it even gets off the ground. Am I overreacting? Am I unfairly grinding my boot heel against the tender throat of Godfrey’s career? Perhaps. Of course, I seriously doubt it. Big thanks to Bloody Disgusting for driving my cinematic blood pressure through the skylight.