Twilight Sequel News: Jacob Black Gets Replaced, Ben Barnes as Aro, Kristen Stewart

Yup. That’s not your dog on fire, that’s the “Twilight” sequel heating up like something that heats up awful fast and hot. With news that Summit has hired a new director for “Twilight’s” sequel, “New Moon”, and a 2009 release date penned in, there are more “New Moon” rumblings in the world of teen vampire angst. The biggest news has to be the possible (and at this point, very probable) replacement of actor Taylor Lautner in the Jacob Black role. As “New Moon” fans probably already know, Black plays a very important part in the upcoming sequel, which may explain why Summit is looking for an older, more experienced actor to get in the way of Bella and Edward’s longing glances.

MTV breaks down the news that the Lautner clan definitely doesn’t want to hear right now:

Following last week’s dismissal and replacement of Catherine Hardwicke, this weekend began with a press release from Summit Entertainment officially appointing “New Moon” director Chris Weitz to the job. Suspicious in its omission of Taylor Lautner, the release seemed to all but confirm Twilighter whispers that Hardwicke won’t be the last “Twilight” talent replaced before the sequel.

So where does the series go from here?

MTV News can confirm that 26-year-old “Scorpion King 2” actor Michael Copon [pronounced “COPE-on”] is one of several actors Weitz is considering to play the new, larger Jacob Black. A representative for Copon told us that they’re making a full effort to land the high-profile gig. And in a bit of 21st-century self-publicity, the actor has even recently updated his Facebook status with messages like: “Michael Copon [is] in a Twilight Zone!” and “Michael Copon is the older Jacob Black!”

Copon’s representative confirmed to MTV News that the Facebook page is run by the actor himself and that those are indeed his words.

Approached for comment on Lautner’s omission from the “New Moon” press release, Summit confirmed that it was not a typographical error. “The casting decision in regards to the character Jacob Black has yet to be made,” a representative told MTV News.

Translation: “Yes, we’re dumping the kid, and looking for someone else. Sorry, Taylor Lautner.”


Meanwhile, also via MTV’s Movie Blog, “Chronicles of Narnia” star Ben Barnes, who happen to share the same management as Michael Copon (sounds like someone’s definitely earning their 10%!), is eyeballing the part of Aro, a vampire who can read mines in “New Moon”.

With the buzz building for these roles, MTV News has confirmed that 27-year-old “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” heartthrob Ben Barnes is throwing his hat into the ring. The actor is already quite popular with the “Twilight” fanbase and shares the same manager as both Copon and “Twilight” star Cam Gigandet. Barnes is believed to be campaigning for the role of Aro, a mind-reading vampire whose “New Moon” encounter with Edward and Bella helps shape their destiny together.

Wow. So I get to live forever, seduce high school chicks, and read minds? Man, being a vampire rocks! Screw you, Van Helsing!


Over in Bella land, actress Kristen Stewart, who might actually be the most experienced and “actor’s actor” of the cast, is talking about things that “Twilight” fans might not want to hear. In an interview with Reuters while over at London for the film’s premiere, Stewart does more than hint that playing a love-stricken high school girl in love with a blood-sucking vampire might not be something she wants to do for too much longer.

For 18-year-old Stewart, playing as many different roles as possible was one way of avoiding the risk of being typecast.

“There’s a large group of people that will always consider us as these characters (but) I just did this movie called ‘Welcome to the Rileys’ which couldn’t have been more different.

“If it was just Twilight for the rest of my life as an actor I would be quite miserable.”

Stewart already has a whopping 21 movies to her credit. That’s over one movie for every year she’s been alive! Compare her resume to co-star Pattinson, who is 22 but only has 11 movies to his credit, and most of them were background work.

What I’m trying to say here, Twilighters, is don’t be surprise if Stewart pulls a Johnny Depp and jump ship from your franchise after part 3. Besides, have you seen pictures of Kristen Stewart on the red carpet? She may be 18, but the girl has the soul of a 30-year old. Kinda like Dakota Fanning, minus the creepiness.

Below: One of these guys won’t be back for the sequel. Hint: It’s the guy on the left.