Twilight Special Effects Man Stars, Writes And Produces Psychological Thriller

Johan Earl, who runs the Australian-based special effects company ARMZFX, is now producing and writing a psychological thriller titled, “A Perfect Life”, which, as you may expect when it comes to thrillers, is not about a perfect life.

The film follows the life of a Andrew Walters (Earl), and as is the norm for those young (presumably) executive sorts, his marriage isn’t enough, so he starts an affair with one of the women from the office. Which woman? Rachel, the crazy woman. Like most of these kinds of relationships, things turn out ugly. Rachel decides that she’s sick of Walter’s empty promises, and ends up tying him to a lie detector and to some kind of torture device while his wife watches over a TV monitor from the room she is chained up in. From the looks of it, the rest of the movie is spent with both women asking really awkward relationship questions.

Based on what we know of the plot, this film could be anything from being intense to being boring as shit, although I’m leaning towards it being unbearably painful. Why? Because that’s how Earl describes it:

It certainly isn’t easy to watch. For the most part it’s grainy, dark and very uncomfortable. We experimented with a few looks and processes but we didn’t want a glossy pretty picture that was easy to watch, in a way we want the audience to be in as much pain as our main characters.

I also can’t help but wonder why the wife is asking him awkward relationship questions. Doesn’t she realise she’s chained up by a crazy woman? Whatever the case, the trailer doesn’t look half bad: