Twilight: Spin-off Movies Without Bella or Edward?

Summit Entertainment should probably stop making and releasing all other movies and just keep putting out the “Twilight” offerings until the kids get tired of them. How will they know that they’ve squeezed the sponge dry? When the ticket sales stop. Until then, why even bother with other movies? The company has all three remaining “Twilight” books set to hit theaters within two years of each other (a spectacular and grinding production schedule, indeed) but after that — what next? How about spin-off movies?

According to “Twilight” producers Wyck Godfrey, Greg Mooradian and Guy Oseary (via Geek Files) one way to go after the Stephenie Meyers books have all been adapted is to spin-off the Volturi vampire clan. Maybe explore a little bit of their history, their present, and future. Great idea, but there is a catch: the kids love their Bella and Edward, and those two aren’t exactly a huge part of the Volturi, so that’s a huge problem right there. Are there really enough fans that will watch a “Twilight” movie just because it takes place in the same universe, but without the lovebirds?

Of course, Meyer also has an unfinished fifth “Twilight” book called “Midnight Sun” that she stopped working on after an incomplete copy leaked online. According to reports, that book is more of a companion novel, and would re-visit the Edward-Bella love affair, but this time from Edward’s point of view. According to Meyer, there’s a chance she may return to finish it, but that’s not a given at this point, and even if she did, I’m not sure how that would translate into another “Twilight” movie.

So kids, a “Twilight” movie without Bella, Edward, or Jacob. Would you even entertain such thoughts?

Below: Sure they’re not as popular as Bella or Edward, but they got cool hoodies.