Twilight Trailer May Show in Front of Speed Racer

This is interesting. Unless I’m mistaken, a lot of the fanbase for the teen vampire movie “Twilight” (the majority of whom are girls, as far as I can tell) won’t be voluntarily going to see the Wachowski brothers’ “Speed Racer”, so the movie studio putting the first-ever trailer for “Twilight” in front of “Speed Racer” seems like a very calculated move to maximize their audience range. Though I’m not sure how it’ll pan out because, as mentioned, the two audiences are pretty much polar opposites, right?

Whatever the case, no doubt the trailer will send all the “Twilight” fans into a tizzy. It’ll probably be like what happened when the “Lord of the Rings” trailer first premiered to all the Tolkien fanboys out there. And when will the trailer for “Twilight” premiere?

Collider has the maybe-news:

Anyway, while many of you might not know about the film yet, that’s going to change on May 9th. The reason is, that’s the day the teaser trailer hits movie theaters as it’s supposed to ship with every print of “Speed Racer.”

So there you go, “Twilight” fans. Maybe the trailer will ship with “Speed Racer”. Of course no one knows until it actually happens — or doesn’t happen.

But even if the trailer ends up attached to “Speed Racer”, it’ll end up on the Internet pretty fast anyway, within the same 24 hour period, if not sooner. Movie studios have already learned their lessons about holding trailers from the fans — if they don’t release their high-def versions soon, the kids will just flock to the YouTube bootlegs, and studios probably don’t want the first-ever impression of their movie to be on grainy, shaking cellphone videos.

Until then, here’s a behind-the-scenes feature from Reelz: