Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Will Probably be Two Movies

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To be honest, we figured they would do this months ago. And frankly, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. The fanbase isn’t exactly going to mind, and everyone else — well, as long as the fanbase is happy, the movie is still going to earn a mint at the box office. What am I talking about? Pulling a “Harry Potter”, of course, and turning Stephenie Meyers’ last “Twilight” novel, “Breaking Dawn” into two movies instead of one. That seems like the obvious path that Summit Entertainment is headed at the moment.

To be sure, $481 million in worldwide grosses in just two weeks of release doesn’t exactly hurt the notion of splitting “Breaking Dawn” into two movies and capping the franchise off for maximum profits. There’s blood to be squeezed out of them stones, and if you have a massive book like “Dawn”, why not do it? It makes perfect sense both from a creative and business standpoint. Though I’m sure it’s all about satisfying the fanbase. Of course. Ahem.

Word is, Summit is also very keen on bringing Chris Weitz back to direct both installments in back-to-back fashion. The problem, of course, is that Weitz seems intent on doing the small indie film “The Gardener” first, something he’s hoping Summit will foot the bill for. I think we know where this is going, don’t we? Either Summit will do just that, pay for Weitz’s “Gardener” so he’ll agree to come back and do both “Breaking Dawn” movies for them, or they’ll promise him they’ll pay for it, once he does the vampire movies first. It’s similar to what Universal just did with Paul Greengrass and “Green Zone”, coming off the success of the “Bourne” films and heading into yet another “Bourne” sequel. Of course, things didn’t quite go as planned over there…

And then there’s the matter of the hefty raise for the three main leads in the series — Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart are all due for major dollar signs if the fourth film does go forward. Of course, given the guaranteed financial returns of not just two more “Twilight” movies, but the final two, I have a hard time believing Summit will balk at pulling up the brink truck for the three young actors. Then again, studio people are known to be cheap, and Summit is known for pulling fast ones on their cast. Just ask Taylor Lautner, and Rachel Lefevre.

Whatever happens, or whatever Summit decides, “Breaking Dawn” is guaranteed to happen. There’s just no reason for it not to. Again, $481 million worldwide in just two weeks of release is not something you can ignore. Or would want to.

Only one of these guys have a really good reason to love the idea of two more Twilight movies...

Only one of these guys have a really good reason to love the idea of two more Twilight movies...

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