Twilight’s Kellan Lutz Will Flex his Biceps for Renny Harlin’s Hercules 3D

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Kellan Lutz in Immortals (2011) Movie Image

Renny Harlin has found his hero for his 3D take on Hercules, called, appropriately enough, “Hercules 3D” (not to be confused with that other “Hercules” movie starring Dwayne Johnson and set to be directed by Brett Ratner).

That hero would be Kellen Lutz, late of the “Twilight” franchise. You know, the guy with the really big muscles? Yeah, that’s him. He’s going to be playing Hercules in “Hercules 3D” for director Renny Harlin and Nu Image/Millennium.

Harlin tells THR about the casting of Lutz:

It takes more than a good physique to portray the most legendary, mythological personality in history — and Kellan has exactly that, personality. He’s not afraid to explore the strengths and vulnerabilities of the character, and he impressed me with his passion and heart.

The $70 million dollar film (in 3D!) will find Hercules, the son of the God Zeus, falling love with a mortal princess of Crete, who we’re told “was promised to his older brother despite her love for Hercules.” True love in the time of the Greek Gods blows, apparently.

Besides the “Twilight” movies, you may remember Lutz from the Henry Cavill film “Immortals”, in which he played a Greek God in that one, too.

“Hercules 3D” is currently set for 2014.

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  • Dedpool

    Hmmms. Two Hercules movies. Now let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen with these as did with the two Alexander movies. One came out and was very good, the other died in development hell. If one has to die, I say let it be this one!