Twilight’s Kristen Stewart in a Martyrs Remake? Yes, Says Producer.

If producer Wyck Godfrey has his way, then Yes, Kristen Stewart will be one of the two female leads in his remake of the French revenge thriller “Martyrs”. And it’s not like Godfrey doesn’t have Stewart’s ear — he’s one of the producers on the highly successful “Twilight” movies, the franchise that made Stewart a household name after toiling away in indie productions. But let’s face it, “Martyrs” is on the opposite spectrum of a film like “Twilight” — one is a teen-friendly, girly attempt at horror, and the other is hardcore blood-splattered wickedness.

But that won’t stop Godfrey (via Myspace):

Godfrey thinks that attaching Kristen Stewart to the project will be the first step for reaching a mass audience. “The core elements of the movie are fascinating,” he said.

The original film, from writer/director Pascal Laugier, revolves around two young women, both victims of abuse, who seek revenge on their tormentors, only to get way more than they bargained for when they locate the culprits. A hell of a lot more, in fact. The film has split audiences with its gruesome content, with half loving it, and the other half finding it gratuitous torture porn. It is, in a word, not exactly something you would associate with any of the kids from “Twilight”.

You can read our James Mudge’s review of the bloody French original here.

A trailer for the very un-kiddie friendly original…