Twilight’s Lovebirds Get $10 Million Pay Raise for New Moon

Coming hot on the heels of the announcement by Summit Entertainment that they are quickly moving ahead with the sequel to “Twilight”, to be based on the novel “New Moon”, comes this (probably very true) rumor that the franchise’s two stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, will be getting a nice fat pay raise for the upcoming sequel. Of course these are just “inside whispers”, but chances are, it’s true. You don’t open a $70 million dollar movie and not get a healthy pay raise. The first sequel to a blockbuster almost always does better than the original at the box office, since by the time the sequel is getting ready to come out, even those who didn’t see the first one in theaters will have heard all the raves about it and seen it on DVD, so the audience is all but guaranteed to double. See the “Matrix” and “Lord of the Rings”.

The news of an impending pay raise from Stewart and Pattinson’s reported $2 million each for the first movie to a very healthy $12 million each for “New Moon” comes courtesy of the Chicago Sun Times:

Also, sources say stars Robert Pattinson, 22, and Kristin Stewart, 18, will get huge salary boosts from the $2 million each earned for “Twilight” — reportedly $10 million more, per film, plus a nice percentage of the future movies’ box-office take.

The article also notes that “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke hasn’t been confirmed as coming back yet, and indeed, I don’t think it would matter. As long as you get the stars back, there’s no way the sequel won’t be a hit anyway regardless of who is behind the camera. And in any case, according to many of the reviews I’ve read, it’s not as if Hardwicke has been getting a whole lot of praise…

Below: “Pssst. Did you hear? $12 million for ‘New Moon’! Sha-sweet!”