Two Brand New Trailers for Subconscious – The Real Tape Horror

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I’m not gonna lie — I’m pretty excited about director Christos Petropoulos’ upcoming horror flick “Subconscious — The Real Tape Horror”. As previously stated, I’m a sucker for these “lost footage” pictures that have suddenly become all the rage these days. Minus “Paranormal Activity”, of course. I can’t stress that enough. Christos was kind enough to inform me of two new trailers he recently put together for his potentially frightening film, both of which have been embedded below these words. What’s more, an official synopsis has been released, allowing you, the would-be viewer, to know precisely what you’re getting into beforehand. How incredibly awesome is that?

Here’s what it’s all about:

Having lost his entire family in a traffic accident, Fanis is tormented by the same dream every night: lost in a forest in pitch black darkness he always ends up at an eerie – looking Christian Orthodox makeshift shrine. On an internet search to find out the reasons and origins of this persistent religious dream he understands that some of the people he meets online are not who they say they are. And most importantly, they seem to have a darker other side. Having witnessed the sinister reality behind these online acquaintances he decides to make a video documentary of his 7th, and probably last case.

“Subconscious” will should begin hitting festivals very shortly. While we’re waiting to get our hands on a copy of the movie, feel free to investigate the aforementioned trailers.

Author: Todd Rigney

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    The trailers are great!! Can't wait to see the film