Two Deleted Scenes From The Walking Dead Season 2 Revisits The Vatos

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead - Episode 1.04 - Vatos

Say, whatever happened to those homeboys from the Season 1 episode of “The Walking Dead” called “Vatos”? Remember? Those Mexican dudes that clashed with Rick and company because they’re trying to hold down their down place in the overrun city, but instead of just saying “Hey, what’s up”, decided to get all violent? Stupidly so, in fact? Glad you asked. Apparently after Rick and company survived the CDC explosion at the end of Season 1, they headed back to check out what the vatos were up to in the Season 2 premiere episode.

Turns out, there wasn’t much to find. Or at least, there wasn’t much left to find, as these two deleted scenes from the Season 2 pilot episode shows.

You can sorta see why they removed these scenes from the Season 2 premiere. They just don’t really fit after watching the CDC go up in flames. They actually really drag the show back, when they should have been going forward, which is what they eventually went with.

Anyways, in case you were one of the curious ones, here’s what happened with the vatos: