Two Frosty Clips from Adam Green’s Frozen

Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell and Kevin Zegers in Frozen (2010) Movie Image

Adam Green’s upcoming snow-covered thriller “Frozen” seems like a risky venture. Take a group of friends (portrayed by several relatively unknown actors), stick them on a malfunctioning chairlift with little hope of survival, and watch as they attempt to overcome their precarious situation. As others have pointed out, “Open Water” seemed to operate on the same premise, and its reception was a mixed bag. Watching a small selection of people in a single setting for roughly 90-minutes is a gamble; if you force the audience to spend their free time with characters who do nothing more than work their proverbial last nerve, then you’re going to have trouble. Adam Green is a solid director, so it will be interesting to see how well he executes this dodgy idea.

Thanks to the folks at Cinema Blend, you can judge for yourself if Green is on the right track. The clips embedded below are certainly amusing, though I’m not entirely sold on the project just yet. Are more marketing tools required to alter my opinion. We shall see.