Two Geeky TV Spots for Kevin Smith’s Reality Series Comic Book Men

Kevin Smith was one of my favorite indie filmmakers back in the 90’s, and “Clerks” remains one of my favorite comedies. These days, attach Smith’s name to anything and chances are I’ll avoid it like the plague. Maybe it was overexposure that soured my opinion, perhaps it was “Cop Out” — whatever the case may be, I’m not the devoted fan I once was. That having been said, the upcoming AMC reality series “Comic Book Men” looks promising. The program is set inside Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, Smith’s comic book shop located Red Bank, New Jersey. Someone once told me it was “kind of like a comic book geek Mecca”, but I’m honestly not sure how much truth that bold statement holds. Then again, I’ve never been there, so what do I know?

“Comic Book Men” premieres on February 12th, 2012.

Via : Film Junk