Two Minutes from The Cape’s Season/Series Finale

Oh, Cape. We hardly knew ye. I think, with a couple of seasons under its belt, “The Cape” could have been a pretty decent show. As it stands, it’s an okay show, with a premise that tends to stretch things, especially when no one seems to be able to figure out The Cape’s identity, not even his wife or son, who should really recognize his voice despite the fact that he has a mask on. I mean, the Cape’s wife is pretty much clueless. Man, that marriage must not have been very memorable!

Anyways, NBC has pretty much given the show up for dead. There have been no official announcements yet, but I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that you’re canceling a show when you put its season (series?) finale ONLINE as an “exclusive” instead of actually airing it.

Fans of “The Cape” can catch the final episode at midnight tonight, Friday, March 11, over at the show’s official page. Besides the premise below, show creator Tom Wheeler told TV Guide that a major character will bite it at the end of the finale:

Besides the death, the finale will find Police Chief Marty Voyt (Dorian Missick) behind bars, in the hands of ARK Corporation. Vince’s “widow” Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) will take on Marty’s case — and ARK, in hopes of learning more about her husband’s disappearance. And The Cape/Vince (David Lyons) will find his double identity blurred when Max (Keith David) and the carnival of crime attempt to protect Dana, Marty and his family.

Preview clip: