Two More for Last House on the Left Remake

The remake of Wes Craven’s horror movie, “Last House on the Left”, has added two more names to the cast. (Seriously, is there any Wes Crave movie that isn’t currently being remade?) Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter will join a cast that already includes Rhys Coiro, Martha MacIsaac, Riki Lindhome, and last month’s new addition, Garret Dillahunt. They will be directed by Dennis Iliadis, from a script by Mark Haslett, Carl Ellsworth and Adam Alleca.


…the remake of Wes Craven’s seminal horror film about escaped convicts who take two teenage girls hostage and then take refuge in one of the girl’s home after leaving her for dead.

Shooting is scheduled to begin this month in South Africa.

Who is Monica Potter (below)? She’s one of those cute blondes who sort of got lost in the shuffle of Hollywood cute blondes.

Two More for Last House on the Left Remake