Two More for The Crazies

Danielle Panabaker (pictured, below) and Joe Anderson (pictured, left) have joined the cast of Breck Eisner’s “The Crazies”, a remake of George Romero’s movie of the same name, about a small Kansas town beset by insanity and madness after one of those secret Guv’ment planes crash nearby and poison their drinking water. See, this is why I only drink bottled spring water from France.

THR has more on their characters:

Panabaker plays a receptionist at the town’s medical center. Anderson takes on the role of the town’s deputy.

The film stars Timothy Olyphant (“Hitman”) as the Sheriff who has to deal with the madness, and Radha Mitchell (“Rogue”) as his Aussie-accented wife. Breck Eisner (“Sahara”) directs from a script by Scott Kosar and Ray Wright.

Overture has the film scheduled for a late 2009 release date, which seems a tad optimistic to me, but there you go.