Two More Images from The Wolfman

Look, it’s Benecio Del Toro in Victoria-era clothes! Plus, Hugo Weaving sans sunglasses or elfen ears! Yay! Anyhoo. Two more images from the set of “The Wolfman” gives us two new looks at stars Benecio Del Toro and Hugo Weaving. The film stars Del Toro as an American who returns to “his ancestral homeland”, where he promptly gets bitten by a werewolf and becomes one. And that, ladies and gentlemen, qualifies as the worst … vacation … EVER.


They’re currently filming in the English village of Lacock, where the Tithe Barn had been transformed into a rather gruesome set “where huge blocks of ice and models of dead bodies [were] strewn across the floor and hanging by metal hooks.” The article also mentions the “doomed Lacock Post Office” but it isn’t clear what has condemned the poor place.

The film co-stars Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt, and is being directed by replacement director Joe Johnston.

Del Toro and Weaving in The Wolfman