Two Mother Effin’ Red Band Clips for 21 Jump Street

Ice Cube, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street (2012) Movie Image

If you’re not quite sure that the big-screen adaptation of the ’80s show “21 Jump Street” is something up your alley, maybe these two Red Band clips from the film will help make up your mind. It features Ice Cube chewing scenery as the foul-mouthed head of the 21 Jump Street program as he goes about inducting his new, er, Jump Streeters (I guess) into the program. It basically involves cussing at them and telling them not to screw people while undercover. Yeah, works for me. (h/t Angela)

Schmidt and Jenko are more than ready to leave their adolescent problems behind. Joining the police force and the secret Jump Street unit, they use their youthful appearances to go undercover in a local high school. As they trade in their guns and badges for backpacks, Schmidt and Jenko risk their lives to investigate a violent and dangerous drug ring. But they find that high school is nothing like they left it just a few years earlier and neither expects that they will have to confront the terror and anxiety of being a teenager again and all the issues they thought they had left behind.

Also starring Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle, Ice Cube, Ellie Kemper, Dakota Johnson, Johnny Simmons, Jake M. Johnson, and directed by the duo of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

Going back to effin’ school March 16, 2012.

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