Two New Fast and Furious 4 Posters

Two new posters from Justin Lin’s upcoming “The Fast and Furious 4” movie sequel, a quad poster from Across the Pond and a more standard size poster from parts unknown. The sequel’s tagline is, “New Model, Original Parts”, hyping the return of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker to the franchise that made them superstars to begin with.

When a crime brings them back to L.A., fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto (Diesel) reignites his feud with agent Brian O’Conner (Walker). But as they are forced to confront a shared enemy, Dom and Brian must give in to an uncertain new trust if they hope to outmaneuver him. And from convoy heists to precision tunnel crawls across international lines, two men will find the best way to get revenge: push the limits of what’s possible behind the wheel.

Also returning are Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez. Lin previously directed “Tokyo Drift”, the third installment in the franchise. Posters via.

Rev your engines and show off for the girls April 3.