Two New Images from Christopher Smith’s Triangle

Christopher Smith’s “Triangle” is one of those movies that I know I’m going to love when I see it, and it’s a bummer that it’s taking the film so long to come out. It was first announced in 2007, started production in 2008, and as recently as early this year, we finally saw a 4-minute promo reel for it that was immediately yanked by the studio. From what we saw of the promo, “Triangle” looks like a taut suspense thriller with heavy doses of horror and sci-fi elements. And oh yeah, it promises a killer twist ending to boot.

When Jess sets sail on a yacht with a group of friends, she cannot shake the feeling that there is something wrong. Her suspicions are realized when the yacht hits a storm and the group is forced to board a passing ocean liner to get to safety, a ship Jess is convinced she’s been on before. The ship appears deserted, the clock on board has stopped, but they are not alone… Someone is intent on hunting them down, one by one. And Jess unknowingly holds the key to end the terror.

Starring Liam Hemsworth, Melissa George, Emma Lung, Rachael Carpani, Michael Dorman, Henry Nixon, and directed by Christopher Smith (“Creep”).

While there are still no word on when the film will see release (I’m guessing direct-to-DVD, judging by all the delays, and with Smith having already moved on to this medieval knight movie “Black Death”), here are two new images from the movie featuring star Melissa George.