Two New Images from Director Choi Dong-Hun’s The Thieves

This one is also known in certain circles as “The Professionals”, so who knows what this thing will actually be called when it finally sees the light of day on an English-subtitled DVD. Regardless, this particular South Korean thriller is shaping up quite nicely. The film stars Kim Yun-seok, Jeon Ji-hyeon, Kim Hye-su , Simon Yam, Angelica Lee, Kim Hae-sook, and is said to be the Asian “Ocean’s Eleven”, and will be shot in both China and Korea. Chinese cinema veterans Simon Yam and Angelica Lee are featured in the flick, as well. Excitement overload!

Check out this lengthy synopsis:

‘Popeye’ and his 4-member robbery group are chased by cops for art larceny. Just in time, they get approached for a big job in Macao. Problem is, the job is being planned by ‘Captain’, a character rumored to have scored $10 million in one night at a casino and got his Achilles’ heel cut when he tried to seduce the triad boss’ wife. He is also the person who betrayed Popeye 4 years ago when they worked together to steal gold bars and walked away with everything.

A chance for revenge! Popeye convinces safecracker ‘Pepsi’, an ex-lover of Captain, to seek revenge together, and leaves for Macao with the team.
Unlike the rumor, Captain greets Popeye and his team as if nothing has happened before. Alongside him is a beautiful heiress to the casino and 3 professional thieves from China. They are planning to rob a casino with a robust plan formulated by Captain, based on inside information from the casino heiress. However, Popeye’s team doesn’t get along with the Chinese.

The Chinese team suspects that Captain is planning to use them by forging an alliance with Popeye. Popeye’s team also suspects the reverse. Did Captain conspire this all along? Captain urges Pepsi to leave Macao as soon as possible. He tells the entire truth of his past to Pepsi, and Popeye is growing more interested in the ‘object’ that’s hidden inside the casino rather than the revenge. Not knowing that both teams are closely observed by Korean and Chinese police, the thieves head toward the casino under Captain’s guidance for a series of events that none of them could have imagined.

“The Thieves” is slated to hit theaters next summer. You can find two brand spanking new images below. Here’s hoping a trailer follows shortly.

Via : Film Smash