Two New Posters for Oxide Pang’s The Detective 2

Aaron Kwok in The Detective 2 (2011) Movie Image

Here are two more posters from director Oxide Pang’s upcoming sequel “The Detective 2”. If you haven’t seen “The Detective” yet, by all means, rush out a score yourself a copy post-haste. It’s a solid movie from start to finish, and I’m actually quite anxious to see where Pang and star Aaron Kwok decide to take the character. If you missed the trailer, you can click right here to rectify this particular problem. We’re easy like that.

Here’s what to expect from the follow-up:

Mysteries keep revolving around Tam’s life. Not only does this ex-police officer and now a private detective struggle to make sense of the mysterious death of his parents, he is further entangled in a case which escalates out of control into a spree of serial killings, that started when his childhood buddy Fung showed him some crime scene photos.

“The Detective 2” opens in Hong Kong theaters on May 12th, 2011.

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The Detective 2 (2011) Movie Poster

The Detective 2 (2011) Movie Poster