Two New Stylish Posters for the South Korean Suspense Flick The Scent

I’m pretty excited for “The Scent”. As a big ol’ pasty white American sucker for South Korean thriller, Kim Hyeong-joon-I’s tale of a private detective who specializes in cases of adultery appeals directly to my love of the region’s cinematic output. To the left you’ll find one the two latest posters released for the film. Where’s the second, you ask? It’s hanging out down below, directly beneath the picture’s trailer. You know you want to watch it again.

But first, here’s a handy synopsis:

Seon-wu is a suspended police detective who works as a private investigator specializing in infidelity detection. He was given a 2-year’s suspension for assaulting his boss and sleeping with his wife, and is now only few days away from completing the disciplinary action. One day, a woman called Su-jin hires him to snoop on her husband. A few days into the investigation, the woman is found murdered. In order to escape the blame for her death which would inevitably jeopardize his reinstatement, he cleans up the bloody crime scene to cover up the murder. In the mean while, Seon-wu’s wife, Hye-yeong, demands divorce on grounds of his affair – so that she can be with Seon-wu’s colleague detective. Having carefully covered up his tracks, he returns to office but evidences that place him at the crime scene start turning up. Seon-wu who is fed up with anything to do with adultery, must battle to clear his name from the accusations of murder and adultery.

“The Scent” arrives in South Korea on April 11th, 2012. The aforementioned poster and the previously-released trailer, meanwhile, are positioned below.

Via : Film Smash