Two New Teasers for Justified Season 2

I have my review of the “Justified” Season 2 premiere episode scheduled to pos later tomorrow, but until then, here are two more teaser trailers for the upcoming season, which commences airing again February 9, 2011 on the FX Channel. The first episode is called “The Moonshine War”, which oddly enough, has nothing to do with moonshine, but there you have it.

What it does have, though, is plenty of Raylan Givens being his badass self, and even more of the fantastic Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder, who is really, really trying to go straight. No, really. Unfortunately, absolutely no one believes the poor guy.

Timothy Olyphant returns as Raylan Givens. Also returning, Nick Searcy, Jacob Pitts, Erica Tazel, Natalie Zea, and Joelle Carter. Margo Martindale makes her debut on the show as Mags Bennett, Season 2’s new Big Bad Momma.